Make a Statement with a Funky, Handmade Canvas Painting

Make a Statement with a Funky, Handmade Canvas Painting

Handmade paintings are an amazing way to add texture and colour to the walls of your home. Not only can they achieve a high visual impact, but they can also be a conversation starter that your guests will love. If you’re looking for a unique painting to add to your home, consider creating a fun, funky canvas painting. Handmaking art can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience, and if you want to truly make a statement, here are several tips on designing an eye-catching piece.

Find Inspiration

The best thing about designing a unique canvas painting is that you don’t have to be an artist to create something truly special. The first step is to gather inspiration for the canvas. Looking at nature, taking photos of the world around you, or visiting a gallery are some great starting points. Have a think about elements that capture your attention and translate those into ideas for your painting.

Explore Colour and Texture

When creating a one of a kind canvas, the use of different hues can help make it stand out from the crowd. Consider exploring various colour combinations and shades that can compliment the space in which you plan to hang it. Avoid using too many colours as it might take away from the painting, so try to stay within a range of two to three. In addition to colour, texture is an import part of the design. Different elements such as shapes, lines, paper collage, and even glitter can inject a fun, funky element into your piece. Texture can help add layers to your artwork, and make it seem almost three-dimensional.

Create Visual Movement

Visual movement is also important to consider when designing a handmade canvas painting. Creating an illusion of depth and movement can help the viewer immediately be drawn towards the artwork. You can achieve this by using ombre effects, dark and light colours, and strokes that curve and connect, forming a series of scenes.

Pick the Right Materials

When selecting materials for your painting, make sure that you are using quality items. Cheaper, poor quality materials can greatly reduce the lifespan of your artwork, resulting in a faded and unremarkable finish. When it comes to the canvas, consider the different weight options; either double thickness or wooden frames. Lighter canvases can be easy to transport, but they can often lack stability and durability. Conversely, heavier wooden framed canvases can last much longer and help to retain the integrity of the painting, but they may be more difficult to transport.

Make a Statement with a Funky, Handmade Canvas Painting