5 Creative Canvas Drawing Styles to Try

5 Innovative Canvas Drawing Styles You Should Try

Drawing on a canvas is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, particularly for budding artists who are just starting out. Whether you're an amateur artist who is looking to add to your repertoire or you’re a professional artist ready to refine and perfect your craft, there are many innovative canvas drawing styles you should consider trying. These unique styles can help you to develop new artistic abilities and open up the possibility of creating truly stunning visual art. Let’s take a look at five of the most innovative canvas drawing styles which you should try.

1) Pointillism

Pointillism is a unique approach used by artists to build up their images of a painting or a drawing. This style of drawing utilizes only a few dots at a time -- specifically, small dots of intense colors to form the image. Pointillism does not use any flooding of colors or broad brush strokes. Instead, it requires patience, focus, and precision. Pointillism stands out from other canvas drawing styles because it gives a painting a unique look and achieves a compelling level of detail without relying on pre-mixed colors or prolonged emphasizing of an element.

2) Trompe-l'oeil

Trompe-l'oeil is a French expression which translates to "trick of the eye." This technique is a classic example of the power of perspective, illusion, and optical hallucination. In this canvas drawing style, a painting is created in a way that it looks utterly realistic and three dimensional. This draws the viewer in, "tricking" the eye into believing that what it's seeing is real. The trick of the eye can be achieved in a variety of ways. Objects like water droplets or stairs on a ramp can be painted so realistically that at first glance it is hard to tell if they’re real or just painted.

3) Abstract

Abstracts are a great way to push the boundaries of your artistic exploration. Abstract art takes a hands-off approach to painting, allowing you to get creative with the paint and colors you choose for your work while still developing a meaningful composition. This canvas drawing style typically does not follow the traditional rules of creating a painting. There is usually no “right” or “wrong” answer when it comes to abstract art. It’s simply a platform to let your creative juices flow, allowing you to create without fear and the worry of judgment.

4) Graffiti

Graffiti art is a fun and unique approach to drawing on a canvas. It is based on the practice of creating personal graffiti by using spray paint and acrylics and it allows you to create images on a large canvas. You can use graffiti canvas drawing as a way to tell a story, add interest to a dull wall, or simply create eye-catching art. You’ll want to have a steady hand while creating your graffiti art to ensure that your lines and shapes are neat and precise. Otherwise, the design may appear sloppy or disorganized.

5) Velvet Painting

Velvet painting is a unique canvas drawing style which produces an image with an almost dreamlike quality. This method of painting requires you to paint onto a semi-glossy canvas that has been stretched and glued onto a frame. The canvas is coated with a special velvet paint which can be used to create all sorts of interesting effects. Velvet paintings are known for their dazzling illumination and calming, luxurious look. This canvas drawing style is perfect for those looking to create art with an ethereal and romantic feel. These are just five of the many canvas drawing styles which you can try. Experimenting with different styles and techniques can help you to discover your own unique creative process. With the right practice and dedication, you can elevate your artwork to a whole new level and see your artwork come to life like never before. So next time you’re feeling inspired, pick up a canvas and your favorite painting supplies and get creative!